Conscious Communication

lilianfaceConscious Communication with Lilian Bern. Workshop Wednesday April 24th 4-8pm cabin 7  $40.

We not only exchange information in our communication, but we also exchange energy. This workshop will help you become more aware of the choices you have of creating detrimental or beneficial energy for yourself and others, according to your intentions, habits and skills in expressing and listening. You will learn to pay close attention to the choices you have in creating beneficial (even healing) energies. We are never helpless, once we understand the power of our communication.


A Holistic Approach to Living and Healing with Lilian Bern

lilianfaceLilian Bern will be speaking on A Holistic Approach to Living and Healing on Wed. April 24th  from 11:30-1 pm in the Pavilion

There is a health crisis in this country, (in costs, in amounts of chronic physical, mental and relational illness) . We need to create a new understanding, so people know that it is totally different to control symptoms and fight illness, than to promote Health and Wellbeing. I will compare and contrast the current medical model with a Holistic Approach, which is not just about using alternative modalities.


                                    PROFFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHIC SKETCH

I am a Healer, Motivational Speaker and Teacher. I use transformational communication, imagery and energy work to create change. My goal is to help you improve the quality of your inner and outer life, your relationships, your health and your contributions to our world. My other goal is to help diminish suffering for all beings. Tall order? Yes! Possible? Certainly!

I work with all aspects: Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions, Relationships and Environment. My approach is a blend of Psychology, Biology, Spirituality and hands on Healing.

Qualifications: I have a graduate degree in Psychology and in Women’s Studies and a license as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist. I am certified as a Non-Denominational Minister, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neürolinguistic Programmer and Cellular Trauma  Release Practitioner, and I have a California Community College Lifetime Teaching Credential in Psychology.

Since I was a small child I had a keen sense of observation, and intuitively knew some things that many other people did not know, that later turned out to be factual truth. I have been professionally working with people for 40 years, so I have lots of experience with virtually every kind of person and every kind of problem and trauma. I have worked with individuals, couples and groups in California, Arkansas and Mexico, and have been the founder and co-director of several pioneering non-profits.

In Santa Rosa, CA: One of the first battered Women’s Shelters in this country; A Special Place: a Center for the treatment and prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect; Chrysalis Counseling Services, a sliding scale clinic in which Psychology, Social Work and  Therapy Interns acquired the necessary supervised practicum hours to become licensed. In Sacramento, CA. the Sexual Assault Treatment Program for WEAVE  (women escaping violent environments).  I have given presentations to Schools, Hospitals, Police Departments, Professional Groups and Conferences. I have worked in collaboration with Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and Attorneys, succeeding in improving and healing many difficult and complicated cases.

I have a Private Practice outside of Rogers, AR., and because my services are unique, people come to see me from other cities, and I travel to different areas, states and countries to provide them.

I have a multicultural background, am bi-lingual in Spanish and English, and charge on a sliding scale, by the hour and depending on the type of service.  Fees are from $60 to $ 240 per hour.

Best way to contact me is by phone between 9 am and 9 pm, for a brief evaluation of your needs.

(479) 387- 2108         


EARTHBAG Home building & Sustainable Living!

IMG_1657EARTHBAG Home building & Sustainable Living with Lisa Majors will be speaking in the Pavilion on Wed. April 24th at 2-4pm

Forget the banks, loans, debt, and gross consumption! Use simple, cheap, & sometimes free materials to build your dream house and live off the rich abundance of the land! Paul & Lisa Majors demonstrate how to be the earth’s solution vs. the problem with home, energy, health, & other living practices step by step!


Do the Math – Movie

Thursday, April 25th 7pm – Movie. Do the Math in the Pavilion

Last year’s Do the Math tour was a whirlwind cross-country journey for Bill McKibben and our crew, with night after night of sold-out shows. At every stop, people learned the new math of climate change — and emerged from the show fired up and ready to take action.

If you went to a local Do the Math event, you might have seen some folks with video cameras. Well, there’s a reason for that: we teamed up with some talented filmmakers to make the “Do the Math” movie!

And the movie is finally here: we have a 42-minute film that goes way above and beyond the presentation you saw last year — from the Do the Math tour to the the streets of DC to the tar sands of Canada. It’s an inspiring, beautiful, and fast-paced story that shows the power of this growing movement.

The Do the Math tour helped energize the climate movement — and when it wrapped up people everywhere hit the ground running. We converged in DC for the largest climate rally in our country’s history, and the fossil fuel divestment campaign has taken root in hundreds of campuses and communities.

Not everyone could be part of the Do the Math tour — but with the movie, we have an opportunity to recruit the next wave of potential climate activists. Like everything we do at, this will be a people-powered effort.


Transformational coaching for a New Age with Gerrie­Ellen Johnston

GerrieJohnstonGerrie­Ellen Johnston will be speaking on “Transformational coaching for a New Age”

Friday April 26, 1-2pm in the Pavilion

Alignment and integration of spirit and earth body in discerning you mission on earth and living successfully in a New Age.

Gerrie-Ellen Johnston is a transformational coach.  Through strong listening skills and powerful questioning she aids individuals in discovering and clarifying their soul’s mission on this earthly plane.    By removing layer after layer of lifelong conditioning, the soul and the physical presence are aligned and true fulfillment reached.  Gerrie-Ellen believes that each person has a life’s purpose and each individual is given the perfect body, tools, and experiences that are needed for their particular purpose. Nothing is impossible;  we create our own reality.  We also realize we are never alone on this journey.   There is an entire Hierarchy and Host of Angels available to guide you.  Come to this lighthearted one hour experience and start the discovery of who you really are and what your purpose is in this lifetime.  Make the transformation.

Gerrie-Ellen has taught theatre at Missouri Southern State University for twenty three years.  Her specialty is ballet.  Always incorporating spirituality in her teaching, performing and advising she received a Masters in Pastoral Studies  from Loyola University and additional two year certification from International Coach Academy in Spiritual Coaching.  She lives in Joplin with her husband and six children, 3 dogs and a cat.  Gerrie-Ellen has experienced transformation herself by overcoming phobias and striving for authenticity.  She started Crossroads Creative Life Coaching in 2010 and Personal and Global Network in January 2013.


Soldiers Heart: Songs and Stories of War, Peace and Healing with Jacob George

jacobgeorgeFriday April 26th in the Pavilion 6-9pm

This project is a collection of music and story by Jacob George and Adam Cox composed over the winter to help share stories and shine light on the often dark and misunderstood nature of war. The album focuses on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how we are all touched by it. The album title is Soldiers Heart, a reference to the American Civil War term for PTSD. There will be a last live performance I do in Fayetteville, Arkansas before rolling out this spring with A Ride Till The End (ARTTE).


Jacob George is a three tour veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) turned peace activist. He served as a paratrooper in the United States Army Special Operation Command (USASOC) between 2001-2004, and was honorably discharged as sergeant. Jacob is a cofounder of A Ride Till The End (ARTTE), which is a veteran lead perpetual bicycle protest of the Afghan War and is based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. The ride began on May 1, 2010 and has covered over 8,000 miles in the U.S. Jacob returned to Afghanistan in the summer of 2011 with Voices For Creative Nonviolence to work with and hear stories of Afghans struggling for peace and has been sharing those stories with music and poetry while riding his bicycle around the country. The musical platform is folk/bluegrass in combination with storytelling and explores the overall impact of war on Afghans, U.S. soldiers, U.S. citizens and our “enemies”.


the Astrological Natal Chart of Eureka Springs with Robert Blackthorn

RobertBlackthornTuesday April 23 at 5:30pm in the Pavilion.
Robert Blackthorn will talk on the Astrological Natal Chart of Eureka Springs. This talk will cover the soul of our town as viewed through the lens of Astrology.
Those who attend will be able to ask me how they fit into the chart on an individual level. What is the energy that calls people here? What to look forward to in Eureka’s future.
Robert Blackthorn is an Astrologer and author living in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He has been a student of metaphysics since he was a teenager. Astrology is by far his favorite subject. After years of research and spiritual contemplation, Robert has written a new book entitled “Archetypes of Human Consciousness” that will be published early next year. Robert feels blessed for being in the company of this amazing spiritual community – here in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

Healing Planet Earth with Jerry Landrum

JerryFriday, April 26th 2:30-3:30 pm speaking in the Pavilion “Healing Planet Earth” with Jerry Landrum 

Jerry is retired from the Naval Oceanographic Office and Naval Research Laboratory at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. He spent most of his career mapping the ocean floor all over the planet, but also worked with a scientist who was developing a sustainable biological system for travel in space.

His focus now: experimenting with ways people can create sustainable biospheres in their own communities.


Self-Trust: A Pillar of Community with Belle Dessa

BellaTuesday April 23rd  3:30 -4:30 Cabin 8  $5.00
Friday April 26rd  5 -6 Cabin 8  $5.00

Purchase Tuesday workshop

Purchase Friday workshop

Summary of class:  Exploring self-trust in the context of community.  What is self-trust? How does ‘self-trust‘ have to do with building community? Where does community begin?

Belle Dessa is a practicing Hypnotherapist, facilitating Holistic processes inspired by and conducted in nature.

She is available for private and group sessions and consultations.

Feel free to call to additional information.

316 727-4755    e-mail