Best place to start! Hopefully the Answers to your questions are here and you can be directed to the pages you need to see and forms to fill out.

This website will be changing through April as we add new speakers and workshops, vendors etc.

To read information about what will be going on and who will be there check out the links in the right column and if you would like to be a part of what is going on check out the links at the top of the page.

Read about the other events I have done at http://healingpathexpo.com

Where can I find out what is going on?  
The Schedule pages will have all the times and dates listed for everything that is going on over the entire weekend.

If there are no cabins open at the Retreat at Sky Ridge where can I stay?
There are only 7 cabins at the Retreat at Sky Ridge and they will fill up fast. You may camp at the Retreat at Sky Ridge. There are many other lodging places in the area. Here are some websites that will have links to them. eurekaspringswest.comeurekasprings.org and eurekasprings.com

Who will be speaking?
The list of who will be speaking along with what they will be speaking on and a short bio can be found here. Or by clicking the link for speakers in the right column.

What are the Workshops and how do I sign up?
The workshops are all listed here with descriptions and bio of instructor, please check back often as new workshops are added.  Or by clicking the link for workshops in the right column. Please purchase your tickets for any workshops you want to take asap so that the teacher can have enough supplies for the workshop.

How do I get there?
Check out the Location link and Retreat at Sky Ridge. Located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We are in Northwest Arkansas. Closest airports can be found here. You will need transportation to get around, the retreat is out in the middle of nowhere and that is what makes it so wonderful!

Where and how do I purchase tickets?
There are only workshop tickets to buy. There is no entrance fee it is free to hear the speakers and see any movies and participate in anything other than workshops.

What should I bring?
flashlight, walking shoes, instrument – drum, flute, rattle, water bottle, jacket, umbrella, folding chair, crystal to hold during ceremony, things for workshops (look at specific workshop that you want to take) wear appropriate clothing for the time of year.

Can I camp there?
yes, bring your tent. There will be a port-a-potty available at night when the pavilion is closed. Cabin 8 will be available for taking showers but you must be considerate of any workshops that may be going on.

Will there be Food to Purchase?
Not sure yet.

I want to participate by teaching a workshop, how do I do that?
Check Here

I would like to be a speaker, how do I do that?
Check Here

I would like to be a vendor, how do I do that?
Check Here

Disclaimer: No Drugs, No Alcohol, No Firearms, and we reserve the right to refuse access to anyone at anytime for any reason. Not responsible for accidents or theft.


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